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Gators Offensive Line takes a hit

The bad news coming out of practice field was the loss of projected RG starter Ronnie Wilson. He broke a bone in his ankle and is slated to be out for six weeks. The offensive line prior to the injury looked like this.

Phil Trautwein
Steve Rissler
Ronnie Wilson
Drew Miller

The offensive line already was young and this definately changes things. Who the Gators turn to will be the topic for discussion from here on out until the season starts. There is talk of rotating the line around to accomodate available personnel.

As far as offensive lineman from the famed 2006 recruiting class, here are some of the available personnel we have:

OL Carl Johnson 6-6/335
OL Maurice Hurt 6-3-344
OL Marcus Gilbert 6-6/280
OL/DL Corey Hobbs 6-5/310
OL Jim Barrie 6-5/305

Some of the more experienced options include:

OL Simon Codrington 6-7/302
OL Marcus Gilbert 6-6/303
OL Eddie Haupt 6-4/295
OL Carlton Medder 6-4/295
OL Jason Watkins 6-6/310

The Gator's pre-camp depth chart looked like this. The question I have is it better to rotate a projected starter like RT Drew Miller back to Guard, and make room at RT, or keep Miller where he is and fit someone else in at Guard.