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SEC Thinker

Little did I know that our neighbor over at RollBamaRoll would be putting on an art explosure.

He has assigned a picture to represent each team in the SEC West. Man, that is deep. Quite original on his part. I'll be sure to check out tomorow and see where the Gators fit in.

This offseason we have seen the SEC stadiums ranked, the coach's wifes ranked, now comes the ranking of the mascots.

Now, if only the Gator running backs look like this out of the block against Southern Miss.

If you have not checked out the new LSU blog, they are running a poll on their tougest game this season. Bet you know who I voted for.

I been getting my primer on the LSU Tigers over at Absolute PigSkin.

I listened to Rival Sports this morning and Billy King went on the record claiming that the two best programs in football in the SEC was Auburn and Georgia. I bet this makes these guys happy to hear this. And certainly Kyle. My response is that Rome was not built in a day. There is still time. Georgia is in rebuilding mode and we have a top heavy (seniors ) and bottom heavy (freshman) that will be ready to change peoples minds this year.