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Lineman Hurt is Hurt

Just yesterday, I gave you the bad news about Ronnie Wilson going down, now there is word that true freshman Maurice Hurt will be sidlined for several weeks. Meyer says:

''Damn right it will be ready,'' coach Urban Meyer said. ``I don't know who is going to be playing, but it will be ready.''
For the translation on that quote, I lead you to the O&B blog who has it nailed.

The Swamp Ball running back poll results so far says that Wynn will emerge as the running back out of camp. Coach Meyer seems to be leaning that way as well based on his latest comments:

I don't usually say nice things about him because I wait until I see it," Meyer said, "but he's done some decent things the last couple of days, as a matter of fact some real decent things."

I leave you for now with this Albert sighting: