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Thursday Gator Links

In a bit of good news, the true freshman Hurt has no tear and could be back in time to pitch in on the O-line which will be without Wilson for over a month.

The unlikely has happened, Matt LaPorta appears like he'll be back with the Gators. After playing the summer in the Cape Cod league, he'll be back to put his power on display with the aluminum bats rather than signing on with the Boston Red Sox.

Brian Crum's has arrived all over again. After beginning his career at the TE, he moved to the LB position and one year later he is starting along side Everett and Siler. Demps, wont be in the mix at LB after going down again with knee trouble.

If you have ever experienced a Gator Club experience in Atlanta , what more can you say about a city that hosts two viewing party locations.