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Feel Good Gator Article on Leak/Tebow

In what could be the best development I have read about all offseason, this Palm Beach Post article made me think I should retract my comments about 'Not if, but when Tebow takes over'.

The long-reserved senior speaks up in meetings. He commands the huddle. The notorious homebody even hangs out with his teammates in public once in awhile.

For the first time since his freshman year, Leak also has competition.

Leak had no choice but to change entering his final season. The powerful presence of freshman Tim Tebow forced Leak's hand.

The thing that I take away from this article is that someone has finally gotten to Leak. Leak seemeed to be resting on what a great recruit he was coming out of high school and not demonstrating the kind of work ethic or leadership values you hope to find in a player with gifted abilities. Tebow has lit a fire under Leak. He can no longer sit back because there is someone holding the clipboard who is more than capable at taking his job away.

The second thing I think about in this article is Meyer at SEC Media days talking about Leak showing Tebow the ropes the way Danny watched while Shane was the man. However, it seems Tebow has had a greater impact so far on Chris than he will ever on Tebow.

We'll see if this leads to performance on the field for Chris.However, it seems we have four years of presence to look forward to in Tebow as well.