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AP Poll and More

The Top 25 AP poll was release the other day with the Gators at #7. I mentioned how the pre-season poll is based alot on media hype. Mark May Be Wrong does a good job detailing the impact of the pre-season poll.

What can we expect from Leak? We have talked about how Leak started to show signs of improvement late last year. The never ending story continues. I have backed of my original claim that we could see a rotation evolving. Meyer has Leak's back and it seems the offense will be tailored around the personnel.

The Gators secondary will be questioned with the loss of Avery Atkins. But, lost in the shuffle is that we have a great all around football player in Reggie Nelson who just makes plays.

The Walter Camp Player of the Year award list has been announced and the list includes Chris Leak

I caught the last half of the College Football Preview special on one of the networks and it had a nice feature on LB Brandon Siler #40. What a great kid.

The WSJ friday edition had a college football feature called the Success Index.