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Leak's last chance

As the 50 TD signal caller for the Gators in Leak gets ready for his last chance, the deck is stacked against him already. We have the Great one who will be holding the clip board all season, in the same way Danny did as he watched Mathews play. One bad play, and the whispers will be out front and center, along with the tug from Gator Nation.

We know about his past struggles. Why is it that he looked so good so early in his career, and that he just could not find his groove early last year which resulted in losing 10TDs of his numbers.

I know this much about Leak. SO far in his career he has yet to demonstrate leadership type of qualities. When the going gets tough,  that when we expect to see a vocal presence take over and get the ball into the end zone.

What a recruiting coup it was when Zook got Leak to commit to Florida after having the having the whole nation chase this guy. But, thats where Chris may have dropped the ball. You have to work hard at your game. You can't rely on what you did at the earlier level. The good thing about Gators chances this year is we are building on momentum from last year, we are not integrating a brand new QB. There is still time to say Meyer picked the right QB. Nevertheless, I am rooting for #12 to get the job done.