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Foley has Gator Nation off his back

For a guy who started his career in the Gator Ticket office, then having the good fortune of rising in the ranks to the role as Associate Athletic Director, and finally achieving the dream job as Top Banana of Gator Athletics. Jeremy's role with Gators comes with extreme expectations not really ever seen before. He has delivered time and again. He pulled the young realtively unknown coach Billy Donovan from Marshall into Gator offices after Lon Kruger bolted. An earlier A.D. like Bill Arnsparger (an outsider to Gator Athletics) never would have survived with the new age of internet. Jeremy has forced a new roadmap to be drawn that has never seen before :

"Has anybody come farther faster? Foley has risen back up to the top after the sudden fall from grace. He's now the only Division I AD in the modern era to supervise a program that won national titles in football and men's basketball. He just signed a lucrative contract extension a few months ago worth more than $500,000 a year in cash, prizes and perks."

Report Card Questonable Acts:

  • Foley takes alot of heat for the Zook hiring. He might of been biased here and instead of taking the objective detailed search for the best coach out on the market approach, he went with somone he was familiar with.
  • Foley was the recruiter when Spur Dog was available for the taking, and it seemed as if he had no interest in rolling out the carpet for Steve.

We'll have to see how his Meyer act plays out, but so far it looks like we are heading down right path.