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Survior Gainesville on Gator Practice Field

The next few days the Gator's will be going through a gut check:

"You'll look right into their eyes. With all the Percy Harvins and all the hot-shot guys, you find out after Tuesday's practice who's going to play in that game. Certainly by Thursday, if they start dropping balls and not lock in, it means they're not ready to play."

There is alot of things to be determined over the next week. Meyer has finally found the button on how to get Wynn fired up about playing. It seems the RB situation between Wynn and Moore is turning out to be a heated battle. We all know that Precy Harvin came into this class as the heralded WR, but one WR that Meyer has been impressed with is Cooper who happens to be a favorite of mine as well. The multi sport talent in high school, expect him to succeed in this hard going practice over the next few days.