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Spurrier Returns to Swamp this weekend in Gator Gear

The Gators match up this week with Southern Miss. On a position by position basis, the Gators Depth chart for Saturday's game was released today and Gator Glory has all the details!

WATB previews Southern Miss:

"Jimmy Buffett went to school there. The next time I?m in Key West and my ears are bleeding, I?ll make sure I think of your school. ? The school was first called Mississippi Normal College. Nothing like positioning your school as a low-priced, generic alternative to other schools. Kinda like buying Sam?s Choice Cola. ? Their mascot?s name is Seymour d?Campus."

USM Coach press conference mention On How The Team Simulates Florida In Practice:

"You do the best you can, putting them in the same situations. Martevious Young has done a pretty good job of it. You run their offense. The hardest thing to simulate is the speed of the game and how fast it happens. We've got to get great effort out of our scout team this week going fast."

Reaves family will be on another sideline this week. As promised, The Coach with the visor will be on hand this weekend to take part in celebrating.

If you don't know to cheer or not, maybee this will help you make your decision. From GatorCafe

F lorida is one of only three schools in major college history to win at least 10 games for six consecutive years (1993- 98) and one of only six major college schools to win 100 games during a decade (102-22-1 in the 1990?s). Its 73 SEC wins in the 1990?s was the most league wins during a decade in the long and storied history of the conference.

The 1990?s was the most successful decade in Florida history, so successful in fact, that the NCAA classified this period of Gator achievement a ?major college dynasty,? a designation that has been given to a school on rare occasions only after demonstrating consistent excellence over a significant period of time. During the 1990?s UF won the 1996 national title, played in two national championship games (1995, ?96), won five SEC titles and won nine or more games each year of the decade. Florida won 10-plus games for six straight seasons (1993-98), an achievement unmatched in SEC history and a streak that ranks among the three longest in that category in major college history. The Gators finished in the top 12 of the polls for 10 straight seasons (1990-99), one of only two schools who could claim that distinction

SEC Champions 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000

SEC's Best 1990

National Champion 1996 (12-1 )

1996 Roster