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Home Opener Stays Put

There were some rumors going around stating that the Gators home opening football game against Southern Mississippi was perhaps going to be moved due to television broadcast rights. The game was going to move from a 6:00 pm kickoff time to 12:30 pm in order to be shown on Lincoln Financial Sports (formerly known as Jefferson Pilot).

According to news today Lincoln Financial has decided to show the Georgia-Western Kentucky matchup instead.  Due to this the UF-SM game will remain at it's 6:00 pm kickoff time.

Along with these rumors of the game being switched to an earlier time came news that this game would be switched to a Sunday evening kickoff and be shown on ESPN2.  This turned out to not be true, as UF AD Jeremy Foley explains why:

"We're just not a proponent of that," Foley said. "The networks are paying large rights fee. They're aggressive, they're competitive, and I understand that. They're trying to do what's best for them, and we're trying to do what's best for our team and our fans."

Thank goodness.  A Sunday evening game would cause many problems for the University in regards to parking factors, traffic problems and classes on Monday.  I'd imagine there won't be any Sunday home games anytime soon.