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Bad Jocks In News

Its easy to find alot of college players misbehaving across the land. The insomniacslounge says their is plenty of off season competition to choose from. If the headline vol-waves-toy-gun-in-traffic did not get Phil's attention, the drunk driving freshman sure did as he got himself kicked off the team.

Vols Say Bye to Freshman

As Gators get ready for season openening of practices on Sunday, the Gators coaches know they have to prepare this team to get the job done on the road. It was just a few days ago that one of Urban's mentors was on campus giving a few tips

Florida?s Urban Meyer brought former USC coach Lou Holtz to Gainesville this week to talk to his staff about winning on the road. Meyer, whose first Florida squad was 1-3 away from home, was an assistant under Holtz at Notre Dame, where Holtz won 19 consecutive road games during one stretch.

Besides a academic questions being asked of the Auburn program, seems there are more player issues making headlines with player suspensions.