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SMQ Teaser with EDSBS

SMQ  takes a look at the big matchup Satuday between Florida Gators and Southern Miss along with his blogging buddy Orson (if thats his real name?). I don't know about you, but USM is not one team to take lightly as they have known in years to surprise some folks. All I can think back to when an opponent who was not expected to do much is think of 1985 opening game. Who could forget the 1985 home opener between Florida and Rutgers where the Gators had to battle back to get the tie.

Ranked No. 3 in the nation and coming off a huge 35-23 win over Miami, the Gators struggle to a 28-28 tie against unranked Rutgers.

Though, most people did not see that game unless you were at Florida Field that day. The Gators happened to be banned that year from appearing on TV.

Coach Meyer will certainly have this team ready to play as he will have Coach Spurrier on hand to critique the Gators play.