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Friday Quick Hits

  • Welcome aboard to the newest member of SBNation - Provo Pride, a blog covering the BYU Athletics program.  I'm sure Mitch will get PP up and running in full in no time.  Nice to have you on board.
  • Bruins Nation has a poll regarding UCLA's away jerseys.  For the record, I enjoy the Bruins current unis and would prefer them stay with those for the sake of college football.  Also, if you follow Pac-10 football, be sure to check out their preview of the QB depth chart for the upcoming season.
  • Nico is going to do a weekly college football pick'em this season.  It may be fun to compete with fans of the Tide and beat them on a weekly basis, similar to what UF will do to the Tide football team when they visit the Swamp.
  • I just found a link to this site: The Ultimate Football Project.  Awesome.  Check it out.