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The Day Before It All Begins

AM850:"I know, this is a no-brainer but I just want to see how this group meshes. Steve Rissler, Drew Miller, Jim Tartt, Phil Trautwein, and Ronnie Wilson are the probable starters but they haven't played a lot together obviously.Can freshmen Carl Johnson and Maurice Hurt contribute right away? And can one of the veteran guys that have seemingly been here forever, like a Jason Watkins or a Carlton Medder, finally put themselves into a playing time mix?"

Steve Rissler may be the most important guy in this group as he tries to replace Mike DeGregory from last years squad. I expect Carl Johnson to contribute early and be a huge part of the OL rotation.

CSTV:"THE MON WILLIAMS SHOW: Everybody has assumed the starting tailback will be DeShawn Wynn, Kestahn Moore or Markus Manson. But a certain prolific runner from Texas by the name of Mon Williams has something to say about that. The 6-foot-2 back has 4.4-second 40-yard dash speed."

The running back is in fact wide open as Meyer hopes to find the next Eric Rhett,Fred Taylor type back that can be relied on as a key component of the offensive game. I'd like to see the Senior Wynn step up to his capabilities and show the younger guys how its done in the same way coach wants Leak to mentor Tebow

GatorSports:"Harvin may be the fastest player on the team and he figures to see the field early this season as a slot receiver, in the return game and maybe even in the backfield. If Harvin has a strong preseason camp, the coaches will find a way to get the ball in his hands a few times a game. Other speed guys to keep an eye on are wide receiver Riley Cooper, who may get a look at safety, wide receiver Jarred Fayson, running back/return specialist Brandon James, cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis, linebacker A.J. Jones and tailback Mon Williams"

You can't teach speed. If we continue to use this methodology of bringing a ton of speed to the table, we may in fact be onto somthing. That's one way of bringing a consistent winner back to SEC East. Meyer is no dummy and he knows with his style of play with the the type of athlete he can recruit to Florida is how we seperate ourselves. Having Harvin (and don't dismiss Cooper) to throw into the mix with Leak's favorite target Caldwell back, we will be alot stronger in the recieving corps this year.