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Observations from Saturday

As you saw in the post below, the Gators used a huge offensive first half and a extremely tough defense to propel themselves to a 42-0 shutout of the Central Florida Golden Knights on Saturday. I really do believe that people were worried the Knights were going to put up a fight and maybe even keep the game close, which made the pre-game and early-game atmosphere a pretty fun one.  Once the Gators scored their second touchdown, though, the beatdown was on.

Here are a few of my thoughts from the second game of the season:

  • Percy Harvin is the best offensive threat the Gators have had since Jabar Gaffney was catching the ball all over the field.  His touchdown catch and run yesterday showed us that he has the potential to be the playmaker that we haven't had the joy of having in the last several years, as compared to a Peter Warrick at FSU or a Devin Hester at Miami.  And the scary thing is, Jared Fayson looks like he could be along those same lines.  What a combo those guys could be.

    Harvin looks to be scary good (picture courtesy of Gatorzone)

  • Tim Tebow showed signs of spread option brilliance last night.  A couple pretty big and fearless runs and pretty sharp passes really did remind me of when Alex Smith was tearing it up in Meyer's system at Utah.  At first I felt Tebow was getting too much attention, and I think that was clear, but he really does have the potential to be a great spread option quarterback.  Don't get we wrong though, Chris Leak is still easily our best quarterback and should be getting all the snaps unless it's a blowout or he's injured.
  • Cornelius Ingram is a good fit at TE.  He made some good catches and seemed pretty athletic out there overall.  This should help out Tate Casey (who was non-existant last night) a lot this season.
  • Once again, our secondary played a great game.  They had quite a few very good defended passes, and never really got burned by any big plays.  UCF's quarterback never really had the time to throw deep, but when he did the secondary had it under control. One guy that I was very impressed with near the end of the game was freshman Markihe Anderson, who despite a questionable pass interference call made several great defensive plays.
Overall this was a great game for the Florida Gators as they head into Knoxville for their annual matchup with the Vols.  The offense looked much better this week than last, and I think a lot of positive steps were taken towards playing some good football against Tennessee next weekend.