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College Football Saturday - 9/9

A few thoughts from a pretty exciting Saturday of college football:

Games I watched (at least part of):

- Notre Dame 41 - Penn State 17
Dominating performance by the Irish in this one.  Following a close game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in week one I feel that a lot of college football viewers felt that the preseason hype of Notre Dame was a little over excessive.  Well this game probably changed the minds of almost all of those people.  Brady Quinn looked like an exceptional quarterback in this one, with great pocket presence, amazing accuracy and overall great decision making.  He spread the ball around the field with great balance and his supporting cast performed just the way they needed to.  Notre Dame looks good.
(Keep in mind: I only watched the first half)

- 'Bama 13 - Vandy 10
The Tide shot themselves in the foot a couple times with fumbles deep in Vandy territory.  It was alright though, because all Vandy could put up against a very tough Alabama team was one touchdown drive at the end of the first half.  Alabama isn't as dangerous without Croyle at QB, but they still have a solid back in Darby and their defense, despite all the losses, is still very good. Vandy could be a tough look-ahead game later this season.
(Keep in mind: flipped to this game during ND-PSU commercials)

- Auburn 34 - Mississippi State 0
This game was over once Auburn showed up.  The Tigers are the best team in the SEC and to say I'm worried about the Gators trip to Jordan-Hare is an understatement.
(Keep in mind: watched the first quarter and a half)

- UGA 18 - South Carolina 0
This one surprised me, as I thought USC would win.  Turns out they didn't even score.  The Ball Coach definitely has some tweaks to do with this offense, as they didn't even look that impressive last week against the Bulldogs of Miss St.  Tereshinksi was hurt, which could be a big blow the the Dawgs in the end.  UGA will once again be a tough opponent no matter who the QB is, and the South Carolina matchup is looking better by the game.
(Keep in mind: flipped to during OSU-Texas commercials, only in second half)

- Ohio State 24 - Texas 7
Troy Smith had a great game last night for the Buckeyes as the #1 team in the nation walked right over the Longhorns at DKR Stadium.  The Ohio State defense was exceptional and I think they are the clear-cut #1 at this point in the season with Notre Dame creeping on their heels.  The Buckeyes are set up to win the Big 10 and should be on their way to a very successful season overall with this win - similar to what VY and Texas had last year after they won in Columbus.
(keep in mind: only watched the second half)

Scores I watched scroll across the screen at the Swamp:

- Vols 31 - Air Force 30
Why didn't you kick the PAT?  Ugh.  Anyways, I really think it may be better for the Vols to win this so they don't come into next weekend's game pissed off and ready to beat up on the Gators.  This was not an easy game for Tennessee, and I wasn't expecting them to roll over Air Force...however, I wasn't expecting it to be so close.

- FSU 24 - Troy 17
LOL.  How does Jeff Bowden live with himself?  I saw none of this game, but it made the 42-0 win over UCF more exciting watching this score show up on the scoreboard throughout the game.  I couldn't tell you whether Troy played over their heads or FSU just played a terrible game, but that is a lot closer than I was expecting.