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Official Discussion: UF @ Tennessee

It looks like I may not be able to post anything else until after this weekend.  I'm going on a certain road trip to a certain stadium for this one particular game.  Anyways, I'm leaving tomorrow and will not be back until sometime Sunday afternoon.

The Gators have a lot to prove in this game.  Urban Meyer was a brutal 1-3 as a coach of the Gators on the road last season, including terrible performances against 'Bama and South Carolina.  A win in Neyland Stadium would be a huge boost for this team and coaching staff as a whole.

Last time the Gators took on the Vols in Knoxville, Tennessee found a way to win on a last second long-distance field goal by a freshman kicker.  I have never had such a lonely walk back to the car as I did that night, knowing what could have been.  That night, of course, got a certain line judge and officiating crew in a lot of trouble for what were perceived as mistakes.  I'm not saying that this won the game for the Vols, but it sure made it a little easier.

Chris Leak looked probably the best I have ever seen him that night.  That was the Fedora offense.  Now he's in the Meyer offense, and his tools seem a little more explosive.  They just have to click on all cylinders.

The Vols are hungry, the Gators are hungry.  It's time for football, SEC style.  I can't wait and think that the atmosphere will be electric.

And for my final prediction of this game: Gators 24 - Vols 20

The Gators have a lot of weapons and many big play threats. I'm banking on them making those big plays, and the defensive unit for UF stopping the already explosive big-play offense of the Vols this season. No matter what the outcome, it's going to be some good football.

Some other predictions for this weekend:
Auburn over LSU
Notre Dame over Michigan
USC over Nebraska
Louisville over Miami
FSU over Clemson
Texas Tech over TCU (just for fun)


p.s. For really good Vols chatter, head over to Rocky Top Talk, SB Nation's Vols blog.