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UF/UT - Offense Thoughts

My thoughts on the gameplan and execution of the offensive unit for the Gators on Saturday:

  • Chris Leak was awesome.  Despite making a couple mistakes, most notably the interception that was basically thrown into a thick double coverage and the slide prior to the first down marker, Leak executed nearly everything he was asked to do by Meyer and the coaching staff.  He looked calm and cool under pressure all night, and with few exceptions did everything he needed to do to help the Gators to this win.
  • Tim Tebow likes to run.  He doesn't seem to have much fear out there either.  He got first downs when he was asked to, and I'm surprised Tennessee didn't do more to just wrap him up when he was in the game.
  • The shotgun draw is still an awful play.  I did notice once the Gators in a pro-set offense, and Deshawn Wynn got a double digit gain.  Perhaps this should be tried a little more often?  Also, the only time we got pretty good gains were on plays which Deshawn was moving out of the backfield, as opposed to standing there and receiving the handoff as in Meyer's trademark draw play.
  • Speaking of play calls, the two third down calls on the missed field goal drives were not what the Gators needed.  First putting Chris in a drop-back pass and putting him in the position to be sacked took us out of Hetland's range.  Second, the throwback running back screen (which Chris Leak was hit late on, but that's another issue) was just silly.  Just run the ball up the gut and try to get some positive yardage to give our kicker a better shot.
  • Hopefully Harvin gets back soon.  It's a high ankle sprain, but I think a week of rest should leave him in good shape for the Tide in two weeks.
  • Congrats to Dallas Baker on scoring a game winning touchdown after being the goat two years ago.  It was good to see.
  • We have so much depth on offense I don't know what to expect.  Even Cornelius Ingram looked extremely athletic out there for us on Saturday.
That's it.  Sorry it came a couple days later, but I've been a pretty busy dude.