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A Uniform Discussion

I'm shortly going to put up a poll (located on the right side below the main menu) asking the readers, if there are any, which jersey combo is favored among the current Gators wardrobe. This question is coming before a Saturday in which the Gators will wear a "throwback" jersey commemorating the 100 years of Florida Football celebration.

The team, based on rumors I have heard, will be wearing jerseys similar to the ones the Ole Ball Coach wore in his days as the UF QB.  This includes the white helmet, blue tops, and white pants. I think that it is going to look extremely sharp and it may leave me wanting the Gators to wear that for every home game.

Anyways, what's your favorite combo?  We have the blue/white, blue/blue and blue/orange (only worn once in a while) for home and the white/white, white/orange, and white/blue combo on the road.

Another reason I'm posting this is because of a recent story regarding Urban Meyer's dislike of the white/orange road combo, which can be read over at FloridaToday:

Last season's 31-3 loss to Alabama is still unnerving to the Gators. So much so that Meyer joked the Gators may never wear orange pants again.

"You watch that film even today and you get a real sour stomach," he said. "That team didn't play very good. As a matter of fact, that team played awful wearing orange pants, so you might not see those orange pants around here for a while."

My personal opinion states that the best home combo is the blue/white classic look, and my favorite away jersey would be the white/white.  I can't really give reasons other than the fact that both of those are awesome.