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Bad Columnist Sighting Already

Pre game thoughts on the first two weeks on the season:

"Gators have two games in which they can feel good about themselves as these opponents are not expected to give the Gators much of a challenge. That in itself is not the best thing for a team that has to get ready to play on the road in Knoxville in two weeks. It would be in the teams best interest that Urban scrutinizes every phase of the game the Gators don't put up a perfect performance."

Here is Pat Dooley's take:
"And, oh yeah, Chris Leak threw three touchdown passes. The much-anticipated opening day for Florida was just that - opening day. Don't read too much into the first game of the season."

You just get the final score 34-7, and you might say everything went as we expected. But, for me knowing the Southern Miss opponent was up 7-0 and was driving to make it a 14-0 game tells you a little more about what really occurred in this game. At least the players along with coach Meyer seem disappointed in there play which to me is a good sign.

I was one who said beware of this team. Not that "Southern Miss was a strong opponent", but because I have flashbacks of the Rutgers game from '85. That is certainly what we got a taste of last night. No, it was not Rodney Brewer being played by Tim Tebow, but it was to dang close for my comfort expecially seeing how the Vols destroyed California.

It was a pleasant surprise seeing Wynn run hard early on. Going out with the injury, along with the Manson injury, makes you question who would be next in line if these injuries were serious. But, Meyer expects Wynn back for next weeks game.

Harvin getting the start was a another surprise. He looks all the player he was advertised to be. I don't blame him if he messed up the route in his first start.

Leak was Leak. Showing he has trouble with the option still and unless he has some good time to drop back where he is not hurried, he can deliver some passes. But of course, teams know his weakness and will focus on making him hurry under pressure.