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Week One Picks

As an entrant in the RollBamaRoll challenge, I'll publish how my picks turned out each week including my thoughts going into the weekend. This week I did not get a chance to comment on my picks, All I can tell you is I used SEC bias in making my picks for the week. My picks are in bold:

Sep02 Texas North Texas
Sep02 Ohio State Northern Illinois
Sep02 Tennessee California
Sep02 West Virginia Marshall
Sep02 Alabama Hawaii
Sep02 Florida Southern Miss
Sep02 Oklahoma UAB
Sep02 Auburn Washington State
Sep02 Georgia Tech Notre Dame
Sep02 LSU Louisiana-Lafayette
Sep02 Arkansas USC
Sep04 Miami (FL) Florida State

As a long time FSU hater, and a someone who lived in South Florida Miami territory, I always root for Miami over FSU. Usually, this pick delivers.