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Tebow 4 Heisman

In case you are missing ESPN's College Gameday this morning, there happened to be a sign in the Iowa City crowd that read "Tebow 4 Heisman."  I'm sure that there will be several vid cap pics in the next couple days showing this.

I'm sure the guy was joking.  I hope so, at least.

Fowler also mentioned Gameday coming into Gainesville next weekend for the LSU game.  Awesome.  There was a lot of talk about how ESPN was shunning the SEC because of their relationship with the folks at CBS.  Glad to see a pretty big SEC matchup getting some love, especially since it's coming to my city (no pun intended).  The Gators and their fans will surely be fired up.

They have to take care of 'Bama first, though.