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Official Discussion: 'Bama @ UF

This is going to be fun.  3:30 on national television and revenge on the Gators minds following last seasons beatdown at the hands of the Crimson Tide.

Tuscaloosa provided the wakeup call for the Gators and head coach Urban Meyer last season, and I'm sure that this is clearly on their minds.  Meyer is still out to prove that his offensive scheme can work against quick SEC defenses, and this is just another tough team to face up against within the conference.

I think that a lot of Gators fans are looking past 'Bama this week.  I'm not.  Yes, they lost to Arkansas last week and haven't been too impressive so far this season, but they are still the Crimson Tide - a program that has never been easy to beat for UF.  I hope that we don't see a repeat of our loss at home to the Tide several years back.  It would definitely leave a sour feeling.

If the Gators execute, they'll win.  If not, 'Bama will be celebrating a win over the Gators once again, something that I'm getting tired of watching.

CBS, 3:30 pm.  Go Gators.