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Ah, New Year's Day Bowl Games...

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Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  Not much to do other than taking the Christmas tree down (which can wait until tomorrow, by the way), and a television schedule packed full with great bowl game matchups.

Today we will see some good ones:

Tennessee vs. Penn State - 11 am, ESPN
I feel as though Tennessee was one of the better teams in the conference this season, but the injury to Eric Ainge severely hurt them later in the season.  Penn State was not a very impressive team this season, getting knocked around by the good teams and scraping by some of the bad ones. I'll take the Vols in this one.

Auburn vs. Nebraska - 11:30 am, FOX
Auburn is the Gators sole loss this season, but had times in which they looked lost this season - including their losses to Arkansas and Georgia.  The key to their offense is Brandon Cox not making mistakes to keep them out of the game, something he did in the two losses mentioned above. I'll take Auburn.

WVU vs. Georgia Tech - 1 pm, CBS
West Virginia is looking for some respect against the ACC runner-up in this one, but reports yesterday were saying that Mountaineers RB Steve Slaton may be out for this game...which obviously would be a huge blow.  Reggie Ball will try to lead the Jackets as they bounce back from a terrible performance in their conference championship game.  This will more than likely be Calvin Johnson's last game for the Jackets. I'll take Georgia Tech in this game, despite my gut telling me West Virginia will handle the Jackets.

Arkansas vs. Wisconsin - 1 pm, ABC
This is a huge matchup due to Wisconsin's impressive season record...only losing to Michigan on the way to a 11-1 showing this regular season.  Arkansas had a great season as well, but is coming off of a loss in the conference championship game.  The Razorbacks will also have to look past that off-the-field issue they had a few weeks ago with the player parents.  This should be a great game, and should be a key cog in the never-ending conference strength argument. I think Arkansas will win this one.

USC vs. Michigan - 5 pm, ABC
You've seen the incessant ads.  Now it's time to settle it.  I think this will be the best game of the day, as Michigan feels disrespected and USC wants to show that they are better than they performed in their last loss against UCLA.  This will be played in the Trojans backyard, but I think it's going to be heated among two great programs. In the end, I think USC will win this game.

Boise State Oklahoma - 8 pm, FOX
How good is Boise State?  They're undefeated, but are they really that good?  Oklahoma will face the Bronco test this evening, but will once again be with their top running back, Adrian Peterson.  This should be an interesting game because we haven't seen Boise State play a team like the Sooners this season.  The last time we had a game like this, we saw Utah dismantle Pitt on the way to an undefeated season (Pitt was a terrible conference champ, though). However, I think Oklahoma will be too much for the Broncos.

My head is going to explode from all the excitement today.  Leave comments, please.  Please. For my self esteem. I probably will be leaving random ones here and there.