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There Was a Game in Pasadena This Afternoon

In the post below I stated that I really didn't care what other SEC teams did today against the Big-10, because either way the Gators would be playing next Monday for the national title.  And with Michigan's loss to USC in the Rose Bowl, an outcome that has pretty much diminished almost all of the bickering that occured a few weeks ago, my caring for what Tennessee and Arkansas did today (or what Penn State and Wisconsin did today based on your perspective) became even smaller.

Michigan simply lost to a more prepared, (much) better coached team today in USC, a team that at their best is up there with Ohio State (and I guess our boys since they are playing in the National Title game).  John David Booty, who more than likely took severe criticism after the UCLA loss, was spectacular in this one - completing 27 for 391 and 4 touchdowns in the Trojans' victory.  And with every great QB is a great WR, and in this one USC's Dwayne Jarrett drastically improved his draft stock by putting up an unbelievable performance - as well as some showboating that should help him fit in with the other pro WRs.

Another major story from this game was Michigan's inability to run, as well as Chad Henne's constant pressure from the USC front.  In other words, the Wolverines O-line did not perform this evening.  Michigan, who has been a solid running team this season, was only able to rack up 12 rushing yards against the Trojans.  This put the game solely in Henne's hands, and he was not able to match the performance of Booty.

Michigan's pass defense will no doubt be looked at as their weakness while reviewing the 2006 season.  In their two losses they have given up a total of a combined 707 yards through the air and 8 touchdowns.  Their inability to stop teams who pass the ball well could be one of the things many did not look at while they were seriously overrating them over the likes of Florida and USC.

So there you have it, I guess.  This could very well be the end of the Michigan is clearly the 2nd best team in the nation talk.  Now that talk can go to the Trojans, or maybe the Boise State Broncos.  Whatever.

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