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Here Come the NFL Rumors

It's been 3 days since the Gators football team won the national title in Glendale by beating Ohio State 41-14, and we're already hearing the internet buzz about certain players that may be packing their bags and heading on to the NFL draft.

We have got some very talented juniors on this team, guys who made a huge impact during the 2006 championship run.  With immense talent and now a national championship under their belt, a lot of these guys could find it easier to jump ship and make the cash the pros have to offer.

As of right now, here is your basic rundown of the rumors going around the major message boards.  Remember, though, that none of this has become official, so don't go thinking it's 100% correct:

To the pros
DE Jarvis Moss
S  Reggie Nelson
LB Brandon Siler
CB Ryan Smith

DE Derrick Harvey

Still No Word
Andre Caldwell

Again, this is nowhere near official.  Just your basic rumors you can find at your nearest message boards.  Please don't read this and think that is the total truth as of right now.

In my head I was almost 100% positive that the NC game was Moss's last game as a Gator, considering he looked like a man among boys out there.  He's got the size and athleticism to make an impact in the league, and I could easily see him being a first round pick.  I have the same feeling about Nelson and his future in the NFL.

I was pretty unsure about Siler, and in regards to Smith I thought we had already heard (from Meyer, I think) that he was going to stick around for another season at UF.  I'm not at all surprised to see Brandon leaving for the draft, but I thought Smith staying was a very high possibility.