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How Good is the 2006 Team?

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Ok, I'm going to try something here to stir up a little discussion.  Hopefully it works.  There are certainly enough visits to this site to have at least 5-10 of you chat it up.

The question is, how good is this 2006 team compared to the other great teams in Florida football history?  Some teams you can use as a measuring stick (IMO) - 1984, 1985, 1995, 1996, 2001...

What do you think?  Is this team, top to bottom, as good as the other National Championship squad of 1996?  What about the nearly flawless 1995 team (ugh.  Nebraska)?  Spurrier has stated that the 2001 squad was the best team that he coached.

Chat it up.  Please.  Let me hear what you think.  If not, I'll have to just post what I think, and that will be nowhere near as exciting.