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Celebration Set for Noon

Today the Gators will open up Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to the community to come and celebrate the National Title.  The start time is set for Noon (in 30 minutes) and will be shown live on Sun-Sports TV in Florida.

If any of the players who haven't announced their decision are going to stay at Florida for their senior season - Reggie Nelson, Brandon Siler and Derrick Harvey - I think that they would more than likely break the news during the celebration...similar to how Noah, Brewer, Horford and Green made their announcement during their celebration.

We could always hope for good news from those guys.

If you're not in the Swamp right now and chilling at home, tune into Sun-Sports and take a look at the festivities.  Hopefully we get a "Gator-bait" chant just like we did from Lawrence Wright in '96.

Update [2007-1-13 13:0:11 by GatorMark]:OK, maybe no guys announcing their staying next season. Oh well.