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Remember This Guy?

Gatorzone Photo

He was an overweight freshman forward, coming in at close to 300 pounds - and that was after losing almost 40 pounds to start his rookie campaign.

After averaging about 2 points in 16 games as a Gators freshman, Mario Boggan transferred from the University of Florida, not to be seen for a couple of seasons.  In 2005 he reappeared at Oklahoma State, and has turned out to be a 6-7, 235 pound athletic forward for the Cowboys - averaging 20 PPG and 7 Reb/Game in 9 games this season.

In last night's 3 OT thriller between the Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns, Andre had 37 points and 20 rebounds in what could go down as one of the best games in Oklahoma State history.  Not only did Boggan light up the stat sheet on the night, he hit the game winning shot as well:  a 3-point basket with time-expiring to give his team a 105-103 victory over their Big 12 rival.

Congrats goes out to Mario Boggan on finding success elsewhere.  We wish him the best of luck.