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Official Discussion: Gators vs. Ole Miss

1 pm
Stephen C. O'Connell Center

The Rebels (12-6, 1-3) will be coming into the game pretty undersized as compared to the #1 Gators (16-2, 3-0), with the tallest player in their proposed starting 5 standing 6-8.  Just for comparison, the Gators have three players - Brewer, Noah and Horford - who are taller.

Because of the size disadvantage, the Rebels have tried to capitalize from the 3 point line, averaging close to seven of them a game (6.9) compared to Florida's 7.8.  We could see a 3 point shootout tomorrow if the pace of the game allows it to turn into one.

A player to watch for Ole Miss will be C Dwayne Curtis, who averages a double-double a game with 13 pts and 10.2 rebs/game.  The Gators will need to focus on shutting him down inside, especially on the glass.  If the Gators can avoid giving up second chance points to the Rebels because of offensive rebounds, they should be in a pretty good position to win this game.

The Rebels will have to focus on shutting down SEC player of the week Lee Humphrey, who hit 7 3s in the Gators win over South Carolina last Saturday.  It will be important for them to not allow him to do too much damage from beyond the arc, and it will be important for Lee to spread the wealth if he can't get open shots.

We should see a win tomorrow for the Gators if they execute how they are supposed to.  But you never know in conference play.

By the way, former Gator guard David Huertas transfered to Ole Miss in the offseason. You will not see him play today, though, because he is sitting out the year due to the NCAA transfer rule.

Another BTW: Please, fans, be loud and rowdy today - the Gators football program will more than likely be bringing some big-time recruits to the O-Dome to see the game, and we want to show them that we are the best fans in the nation. Stand up, holler, do your thing.

Go Gators!!!