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Dunlap Set to Announce

5-star DE Carlos Dunlap, who visited Gainesville this weekend, will be announcing his school of choice tomorrow at 5 pm from his high school in Fort Dorchester, SC.

"I got word from him on his way back from Florida that he is beat beyond recognition, and he wants to get this over," said Dunlap Sr. "He's going to do it first thing tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock at Fort Dorchester High School."

As of right now it is coming down to the Gators and the Gamecocks, his home state's university.

Dunlap, ranked the 5th best DE in the country by had an impressive 105 tackles and 24 sacks in his senior season.  He would be a huge pickup for the Gators recruiting class.

Update [2007-1-22 11:30:59 by Mark]:A lot of what's being thrown around is that Dunlap is leaning towards the Gamecocks at this point. Of course you can't always trust unconfirmed internet rumors, though. I'll be waiting anxiously until 5 no matter what.