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Football Notes, 1/3

...The Gainesville Sun is reporting that troubled CB Avery Atkins, who was dismissed from the team prior to this season, will be trying to make his way back into a Gators uniform in 2008.

Atkins will be forced to sit out the 2007 season, pay his own class tuition and meet many other demands the coaching staff has asked of him before he will be able to play for the Gators football team once again.

...Gators TE Tate Casey has been listed as questionable for Monday's game following a high ankle sprain.  He has been seen with a boot on and with crutches.

Tate has played in all 13 games this season, catching 6 passes for 58 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Former backup QB (and basketball player) Cornelius Ingram has been a hot target at TE and should see some touches against Ohio State.

...CB Reggie Lewis is a pretty confident player, based on some of his recent quotes:

"They are like most receivers we've had to cover all year.  We've got to go out there and play like we've been playing and everything will take care of itself."
"People think we're a team that Ohio State is going to blow out.  That's not going to happen. We're a talented team, just like Ohio State. We can match up with them day in and day out on the field. Coach (Urban) Meyer always says don't pay attention to how the nation thinks. It's about the team. Our team believes we can beat anybody on any given day."
"We control our own destiny.  We've been the underdog throughout the season. People have been talking bad about us, saying we give up too many points and we can't put up points. As long as we find a way to win, that's all that matters."

...In non-Gators news, former LSU and Miami Dolphins' head coach Nick Saban has accepted the position to be the head coach at Alabama.  This is despite repeated denials of any interest in the job.  

Nico and Todd from Roll 'Bama Roll will have this story covered in full today.

I hope everybody has an excellent hump day.