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D-Lee Gets a Shout Out

As someone who does not pay that much attention to the NBA, I knew as a Gator fan solely that former Gator hoopster David Lee was contributing quite a bit to the Knicks' (as bad as they are) cause this season.

However, I was not aware that David Lee was doing so well in New York.  That was until I saw this post over at the SB Nation's Yankees Blog, Pinstripe Alley...a site that also follows close attention to other New York sports clubs.

In the post he highlighted a recent New York Times article that praised Lee - giving us these quotes:

David Lee leads the Knicks in rebounds and field-goal percentage, converts free throws at a better rate than Stephon Marbury and averages more assists than Nate Robinson.
It helps that Lee's production remains fairly constant, regardless of whether he starts (12.7 points, 11.7 rebounds) or comes off the bench (9.7 points, 10.2 rebounds). For the season, Lee is averaging 10.7 points and 10.7 rebounds (seventh in the league).

On a 48-minute basis, Lee averages 17 rebounds, tied for third in the league with Denver's Marcus Camby. With 3.8 offensive rebounds a game, Lee ranks second in the N.B.A., behind Chicago's Ben Wallace (3.9). Lee is the only reserve among the top 20 rebounders.

Awesome news.  Congrats goes out to D-Lee on a job well done - and I hope that he continually does well in New York, giving the University of Florida basketball program some recognition among the pro ranks.