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Football Notes, 1/6

It's coming a little later in the day today, due to the Gators win over the Georgia Bulldogs today at the O-Dome.

...Gators S Reggie Nelson was allowed to not participate in the BCS National Championship Game media day according to the Gainesville Sun, in order to keep his personal situation out of the discussion:

"The emotional support and respect for the privacy of my family over the past weeks has been tremendous. At this time I would like to continue to keep my feelings personal."

Players must participate and are declared ineligible if they do not.  However, BCS officials gave an exemption to Reggie Nelson due to the passing away of his mother.  I feel that the coaching staff, players, the BCS and Reggie have all handled the situation perfectly.

...Gator players who could possibly enter the NFL draft after this season have stayed very quiet about it during the last few weeks.  There were a few bits of news today from the team, though:

Junior CB Ryan Smith will more than likely be back for his senior year, as the both NFL scouts and Meyer believe he is not ready to enter the draft.  The projections had Smith going in the 5th round.

LB Brandon Siler has stated he hasn't made a decision yet regarding the draft, while WR Andre Caldwell says he has made a decision, but won't let it be known until after Monday night's game.

...There has been some updates on injuries to Gator players:

S Tony Joiner is about 90% following his high ankle sprain he suffered in Atlanta.  DeShawn Wynn should play on Monday, recovering from a foot bruise.  TE Tate Casey is still a questionable gameday decision.

...LSU QB JaMarcus Russell has hired an agent, according to  This of cousre would mean Russell is headed to the NFL draft, following his huge performance against Notre Dame in last week's Sugar Bowl:

LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell has signed with agent Eric Metz, a league source tells us.

And this means that Russell will forego his final year of eligibility and enter the 2007 draft.  Once a college player signs with an agent, there's no going back.

Russell's stock will probably not get any higher than it is now, so this may not be a bad move by the LSU QB if true.