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Football Notes, 1/7

Despite the fact that the big game will be upon us Tomorrow night, I will only post college football news from around the country today:

...Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey, who has had experience coaching in the NFL prior to his stint with the Jackets, interviewed for the job with the Miami Dolphins on Friday.  The Dolphins, of course, are without a coach due to the departure of former head coach Nick Saban - who bolted from Miami to Tuscaloosa to coach the Tide.

Gailey formerly was the head man of the Dallas Cowboys before he became the coach at Tech. He has also held assistant jobs in the NFL, including one in Miami, which is more than likely why he was interviewed for the position.

...The LA Daily News has a sad report that USC kicker Mario Danelo was found dead this morning at the bottom of a cliff.  This story has not had many breaks in it just yet, so speculating the cause of death or anything else about the situation is out of the question.

Conquest Chronicles, SB Nation's USC blog, should have more on this story as it unfolds.  This is a truly sad story.  RIP Mario.

...The Newspaper Hack over at Journalism is for Rockstars stated that Florida State has taken back their offer for LSU OC Jimbo Fisher - leaving speculation that he may be going to Alabama instead a little clearer.  This story was originally told by the Tallahassee Democrat yesterday.

Fisher became what seemed to be an OC God this week among message board posters, sparking constant battles between Crimson Tide and Florida State fans on their respective message boards.  While these people clogging up these college message boards are not always the brightest, I must admit it was pretty fun to watch.

More National Championship hoopla to ensue.  Stay tuned.