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Oh, What a Night

If any of you have ever celebrated a national championship on the town, you may know how I am feeling this morning (actually, this afternoon) as I try to check back into reality after last night's dream.

With an underdog tag placed upon them the Gators were looking to prove several doubters wrong last evening.  Some said they didn't deserve to be there.  Some said Ohio State was going to win by 30.  Some said the Gators had no chance.  As it turned out, the Buckeyes didn't stand a chance last night as the Gators blew them out 41-14 to take the second football national title in school history.

If you could sit there and imagine the Gators playing a "perfect game," I'd think that the game you are imagining would look a lot like last night's performance.  The Gators dominated the Buckeyes in every part of the game (minus maybe special teams due to the opening kickoff) and left no doubt who the national champion of college football this season really was - in a way turning what everyone thought was common knowledge regarding who the best teams were upside down.

To put the game in perspective, the Buckeyes only gained a total of 82 total yards of offense.  82. Troy Smith, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, went 4-14 for 35 yards passing.  When you factor in his rushing yards (-29), he had a total of 6 yards of offense.  The defense was out to prove that they were the best in the country, and following a barrage of sacks, forced fumbles, interceptions and helmet-less tackles, it was clear that the Gators defense was one that could strike fear into any team they played.

Chris Leak looked as comfortable as he has in his entire college career, the defense looked as quick and strong as we have seen them this season, and even Chris freakin' Hetland was perfect on FGs on the night (2-2).  It really was the perfect performance out of this team - a perfect ending to a (near) perfect season that has left the University of Florida with a national championship in both major sports, in the same year.

Seriously, it's going to take me a while to wake up from this dream.

More to come later including content on Chris Leak and the new rockstar head coach of the Gators, Urban Meyer.  If not a little later, tonight.  Big basketball game tonight at the O-Dome.

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