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A Spurrier Team Woulda Scored 50 Last Night

I'm trying to come up with some witty comments stating that Urban Meyer should have thrown the ball downfield more last night, Steve Spurrier is God, or something along those lines.  However, in my current state, my brain is not functioning enough to be creative at all, so I'll just go on with the topic of this post.

Thank you, Urban Meyer.  I have doubted your coaching abilities.  I will admit it.  I didn't think that your offensive philosophy would work in major college football, I thought it was too "gimmicky" and "non-traditional," and I thought that you were too hard-headed to change it in any way to fit your team's needs.  I doubted that we would win a national title anytime soon under your watch.

Boy, was I wrong.  And boy, does that make me happy.

Urban Meyer was brought in prior to the 2005 season with one goal - win.  And winning is just what he did.  Spurrier brought an expectation of championships to the University of Florida:  SEC and better yet, National.  Meyer was called upon to do the same, and he has done it in only his second year.  Amazing.

Yes coach, you're number one. (AP Photo)

Now only two coaches have won National Championships at the University of Florida:  Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer.  Only two head coaches in the nation have won national titles in their second years: Tressel and Stoops.  Looking at both of those it's easy to see that we have a pretty special coach roaming our sidelines on gamedays - one that I think some us of were taking for granted as the shadow of the visor was cast over us.

Urban Meyer recruits well, wins games, wins conference championships and wins national championships.  For that we are grateful.

Thank you, Coach Meyer.  Seriously.  You're awesome.