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Gator Basketball's First Day of Class

Good afternoon everyone. Welcome back to Gator Basketball 1101. My name is Michael and I'll be your TA. I know many of you are disappointed that you were not enrolled in this class in the spring, or the previous spring. However, I assure you that this class will be exciting again.

When I started developing the syllabus for this class, I was concerned that I might have to change our lesson plans. But, Professor Donovan has decided to remain at the university, so there won't be many changes in the class.

Mr. Donovan said he's very excited for our first real day of class on Friday and he apologizes for not being around as much as he should be.

The last six weeks for us has been different for us because the month of September and part of October where we're having to recruit. The players are doing individual workouts but I try to get back for a couple workouts a day but there's not the carry over as a coach that you would like. Workouts last 40 minutes and I've been trying to get a feel for our team and who I'm coaching.

Mr. Donovan also says it's important for him and the coaching staff to "define" what will allow the team to win and cause the team to lose. He stresses that the team shouldn't be looking at last year's team as a model, but instead focus on playing as a team.

Their goals should to be the type of team that we had the last couple of years but how they play the game. These guys in this program have a great model of what to be looking to do. If we create great chemistry and try to play the game the way it should be played and take advantage of each other's great strengths then I think we're headed in the right direction.

We'll meet for the team's first practice at the basketball complex on Friday. When you walk in, wait for me in the lobby and we will head upstairs to watch practice. Your assignment tonight is to start thinking about who should be playing the point; Walter Hodge or Jai Lucas. That's all for today. Remember to pick up your course packet at Goerings Book Store.