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Michael Guilford

I was stunned this morning when a friend called to tell me about the death of Michael Guilford on Old Archer Road last night. There isn't much else to add, other than anytime a student loses their life it is a tragedy. In this case, it was two students. We could offer commentary on the intersection where the accident happened and how it's poorly designed (a median pops out of nowhere) and incredibly dangerous normally. But this appears to be a single vehicle accident caused by a high rate of speed.

Guilford was a redshirt freshman and listed as a defensive back. But his greatest contribution as a Gator came as a quarterback.

The job of playing Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith in practice has fallen to Florida walk-on quarterback Michael Guilford.

The 6-foot, 181-pound freshman from Blountstown High School in Quincy is the more mobile of the Gators' two walk-on quarterbacks, and therefore he gets to run the Buckeyes' offense with the scout team.

No one will mistake Guilford for Smith, but he's performing a critical role. Despite that, Florida coach Urban Meyer doesn't even know Guilford's name. He just calls him by his nickname, "Sunshine," which Guilford earned because he looks like the character from the movie Remember the Titans.

"He does a good job for us," Meyer said.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of 19 year old Michael Guilford and 20 year old Ashley Slonina.

Note: This picture was pulled off Guilford's facebook account. If you are able, condolences can be left on both Guilford's and Ashley Slonina's accounts.