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Alligator Army Bye Week Notebook: October 13th

-- The Gainesville Sun interviewed several Gator players in regards to the death of walk-on Michael Guilford. It's very good and we get to see how close the walk-ons are among each other. That is in contrast to Gator Country which doesn't even have a mention of it on their front page and Gator Bait which links to an AP story. I thought these guys were supposed to be insiders? I'm sitting in my parent's basement in my underwear drinking Capri Sun and I had a story before they did. Good job of stepping up by them.

-- I had a story all lined up today about how Florida volleyball overcame a 0-2 deficit to win at Arkansas but it wasn't meant to be. The Gators dropped their first match of the season, falling in five games. UF had four match points in game five but still lost.

-- Florida soccer's 1-0 win over Ole Miss last night gives coach Becky Burleigh her 300th win. UF allowed only one shot and is now 2-2 in the league.

--  Jo Noah and Al Horford have been impressive in preseason play. Last night Noah had 11 points and seven rebounds in 24 minutes as the Bulls defeated the Mavs. Horford, playing on a much less talented Hawks team, could be a starter for Atlanta's season opener. In the article I linked to for Horford, they talk about Horford's decision as a kid to play basketball, despite the lack of Dominicans in the NBA.

By age 7, Al had decided that he wanted to follow his father into professional basketball. Arelis, though initially crestfallen that her son would not grow up to be one of her homeland's next great baseball infielders, quickly became his biggest booster.

Wait, we missed out on seeing Al Horford, the third baseman or right fielder? Wow. There is a saying for Dominican baseball players that explains why they can all hit well; `You can't walk off an island.' The Horford family is trying to prove you can also dribble off it too.