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Playing in the daytime. Because we have to.

Today, the networks and SEC will decide the TV schedule for October 27th. Up for debate is the time of Florida-Georgia game. Neither school wants a night game, which would put the game on CBS or Lincoln Financial. And, it's possible UF-UGA gets the Lincoln Financial 12:30 kick off.

The Georgia-Florida game could come with a 12:30 p.m. kickoff.
Since both Georgia and Florida have two conference losses, it will not impact the top of the standings like it has in the past and will probably get shoved to one of the secondary slots on the television schedule. Tennessee and South Carolina also play that day so it will likely get the prime 3:30 CBS kickoff.

The desire for a day game is necessary because of three alcohol related deaths in the last three years. But 12:30 on Lincoln Financial? CBS can't man up and set a double header? I'll take a 12:30 game on ESPN because you get the added bonus of Erin Andrews.

Of course, none of this would be necessary if Jacksonville didn't treat this weekend as their chance to make as much money as possible, damn the consequences. Including, the Tom Brown tragedy, I have heard five incidents of Jacksonville residents starting fights with Florida or Georgia fans since I started school in 2002. Jacksonville is so worried about rivalry fights that the kids from Duval County almost get away with murder. Students can't afford a hotel room, so they bunk eight to a room or camp out like I did in 2005. (I should have done my homework. I didn't realize how unsafe A.P. Randolph Blvd. is.) The atmosphere goes from an out of control Mardi Gras confined to one overrated and cramped entertainment district, to a carnival before the game, to the British leaving Dunkirk as you leave.

Now that we've gotten to the point where the start of game is determined by a city being unable to control itself, maybe we should go to the home-and-home. Of course, I'm one of those Northern transplant Gator fans. To me, Jacksonville is just a lame city with a dirty river. Not the Bold New City of The South. If I was a native or born into the rivalry, I'd probably think differently.

Update [2007-10-15 15:17:5 by mlmintampa]:According to the Gainesville Sun, it will be a 3:30 kickoff.