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We better run the ball. And we better run the ball hard.

Heading into the Florida-Kentucky, the UF DBs versus Andre Woodson is leading the way in terms of headlines. But the Gators' rushing offense against the Wildcats' rush defense could be what determines Saturday's outcome.

We saw in the Auburn and LSU games how UF's young defense collapsed during late drives. And, at the risk of being insensitive, our best cornerback might have other things on his mind come Saturday. So it's essential to keep Woodson and the SEC's second best passing offense off the field.

Note: SEC stats here.

There's a hole there for UF to exploit and it's UK's dead-ass last rushing defense. Not only does Kentucky allow 4.7 ypr, they have lost the time of possession battle three times; against Kent, Arkansas, and LSU. Each of those teams rushed for 50+ times, with TOP margins of -9:52, -10.26, and -6.42 respectively. Yes, those were each wins for the Cats. But if UF can win in the trenches, that opens up the passing game. Of those three teams, only LSU has a moderately successful passing game.

Asking Dan Mullen to run the ball more than 30 times seems like blasphemy, but if UF has the lead late, he better run. With 202 ypg on the ground, it's not like 30-40 carries is impossible. We know at least five or six of the carries will be Tebow escaping the pocket. So, give him 10 legit carries and that will be fine. But Moore, Fayson, and possibly Brandon James need carries too. Tebow, Moore, and Harvin are like the cut fastball, 12-6 curve, and four seam fastball. Throw in Fayson and James, you add a two seam fastball, and a splitter. You can't hit somebody with five pitches.

The only question is, if UF has a chance to hold the lead late, will Mullen `nut up' and pound the line? We'll see Saturday.