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Alligator Army Notebook: October 18th

  • Well, it looks like our two years of membership in the Tampa Gator Club was not enough to get the new football offices named after us. My father has donated more money than me, so maybe he can get a folding chair or a desk lamp named in his honor. Now that UF has completely rebuilt the west stands, the only places left to do anything are under the east stands and maybe adding to the top of the south end zone. If you've been in the east stands (the academic offices, the Gatorzone offices by the visitor's locker room) you know it is the place that time forgot. While I can't imagine them renovating offices for professors, it might be something to renovate a few for hosting donors and dignitaries like the writers of Alligator Army.
  • First of all, I had no idea that one of the Tampa Trib guys wrote for MSNBC Sports. Secondly, now he's thinking that if Kentucky defeats Florida, Woodson should get the Heisman. It's hard to disagree with that, especially with McFadden and the West Virginia boys not stepping up. I can't get on the Glenn Dorsey bandwagon because he was neutralized against UF. And Colt Brennan doesn't do it for me. Woodson, even with a loss to UF, should still be a contender. But I hope it is extra motivation for the defense to knock Woodson out of the Heisman and SEC East races.
  • If sports betting was legal and I wasn't a Gator fan, it would be hard not to take Kentucky and the 6.5 points at home. If you figure that a home team is given three points, that means Florida is nine points better. As Lee Corso would say, "I think this will be closer than the experts think." (Does anyone know why Corso says this? Isn't he supposed to be one of the experts?)