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Bulls and Brea...I mean Bandwagons

Tonight, the USF Bulls will look to extend Tampa's football record to 11-2 (the Bucs are 4-2) as they face Rutgers. Despite playing Auburn and West Virginia games on ESPN, everyone is thinking this when USF gets to show what they are all about. And everyone, myself included, thinks this will be the game they lose. (They are a two-point dog.)

Currently, USF's bandwagon is filled with every Tampa news outlet and community college student who sells cell phones in Citrus Park Mall. The rest of us are watching in curious amazement, while keeping our distance. Included in the bandwagon is noted college football analyst and FSU graduate Jenn Sterger (seen here with her friends). We're not fans of Miss Sterger (our current crush is the girl on `Chuck'), but her bandwagon jumping is exactly what USF needs.

(That's the biggest difference between UF and USF. If I see a kid from another Florida school saying `we' when referring to UF, I flip out. Oh, you're dating a girl who goes to UF? That's nice. Where did you go to school? North Florida? THEN GO TO ONE OF THEIR GAMES! This moment in Gator Snobbery is brought to you by the UF alumni Association! Connecting Gators since 1906!)

People are coming at USF over the fact that they are a new program, but they built the right way; defense. They are 11th in total and scoring defense, and first in sacks and tackles for loss. Good defense always wins. But you need people defending the program at a time when everyone wants to attack it. Sterger may be bringing the bad karma, but my friends at USF seem to think the bandwagon jumpers are a good thing.

Hopefully if USF loses tonight, their bandwagon won't be a smoky hulk on the shoulder of I-275. But if they run the table, I'll be laughing hysterically when they are too fast for Ohio State.