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Bill Warner: Gator Nation Hero

On occasion, we find someone who goes above and beyond to support the cause of the Florida Gators. The first such case was Jason Paul Rojas who played a part in "removing" FSU's national championships from Tallahassee. Today it's retiree Bill Warner.

"I'm defending the damn alligators," he says. "Simple as that."

You see, Mr. Warner is accused of harassment of a trapper, petty theft, and criminal mischief after admitting to tampering with gator traps in Sun City Center. Residents in the retirement mecca reported seeing 400 and 500 pound alligators in a man-made lake. Of course, you can't have animals like that around old people and their mini poodles. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission laid a trap, but Warner cut the line each time. Finally, they caught him.

He showed them the hook he'd cut off the line. One of the trappers recognized the unique knot he had tied.
"The guy said, 'You broke the law,'" Warner said.
Some heated words were exchanged. "I'm a sweet, calm guy," Warner said, "but you can push me all the way over the edge."
Officer Hite remembers it another way.
"He immediately started telling me that it was not right to be trapping alligators like that. He said it was cruel and inhumane. He began cursing," Hite wrote in his report.

Wow. This is a former Marine who only dates women 20 years younger than him (he's 80) and swam with sharks last month. Now he's defending the rights of massive alligators. Well done Mr. Warner.

We salute you Bill Warner! Alligator Army raises a glass of Gatorade in your honor.

The picture is not from Sun City Center. But it is awesome.