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Alligator Army Notebook: October 2nd

-- I absolutely hate the story that Reggie Nelson and three Gator players were questioned following a shooting in Gainesville early Sunday morning. There is no story here, other than the fact that notable people were at the bar where these victims were. But they weren't even at the bar when they were shot, they were 10 blocks away.

The GPD says there may have been an incident earlier at the club and that the players, "may have had contact with the victims." But, they're not suspects. So what are they then? Just people who may have had a confrontation with two people who were later shot? That doesn't make any sense. Nelson said he left three hours before the shooting which means he left around 11pm, if you assume the victims left after last call at 2am. And I don't know what Nelson's pattern is when he goes out, so I assume he is telling the truth.

But what bothers me most is that the case reeks of profiling. If you're in a bar in Gainesville, the only people you'd remember are four football players, one of them being a star on last year's team. Of course, people in the bar will say, "I saw one of the players here!" It doesn't help that the bar where they were at is The Venue, which is across from 238, where a shooting occurred last year. Anytime something happens there, GPD's ears perk up. And these bars aren't exactly Lillian's or Durty Nelly's, so as a dance place it has more police presence. (If you don't think there is a difference, walk between sides at Market Street. The cops are always on the club side. Same thing at Gator City/XS. Dancing+alcohol=violence. That's why I don't dance.)

-- In other news, despite a letter to the editor expect to hear some "obscene and vulgar cheers" if you're heading to LSU. Look, if you bring your kid to a game, I hope you have enough sense to sit on the alumni side. Students like cursing at football games, and they are pretty good at it.

-- LSU is ready for Saturday.

"When I talked to a lot of guys over the weekend, we were all talking about how this was going to be the biggest game of our lives," [safety Craig Steltz] said. "No matter how many games we played in high school or the ones we play in college, the Florida game is going to be one of the wildest nights LSU has ever had."

Right now, UF is about an 8.5 point dog. I know I don't have to remind you what happened the last time UF was that big of an underdog.