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Tony Joiner v. Watson's Towing

Remember, bad things happen in threes and celebrities die in threes. Such is the case with the Gators. First it was a loss to Auburn, then players questioned in a shooting, and now Tony Joiner is up against the most powerful organization in Gainesville; Watson's Towing.

Senior defensive back Earl A. "Tony" Joiner, 21, was arrested at 4:59 a.m. outside the fenced impound lot of Watson's Towing at 516 SW 1st St.
Joiner, who is 6 feet tall and weighs 194 pounds, was accused of pushing a heavy electric gate open to enter the lot in an attempt to retrieve his girlfriend's car which was being held in lieu of a $76 towing bill, according to police reports.

He is charged with burglary because he drove the car out, then put it back when a witness (read: tow truck driver) saw him. Joiner then waited for police to arrive. If Joiner punched someone in the face or was drunk driving, it would be ok. But he went after Watson's who has a vice-like grip on the parking lots in Gainesville. The City has even accused them of unfair business practices.

If you've lived in Gainesville, chances are you or someone you know has sat outside of Watson's waiting to get your car. (I did it my sophomore year, and in freshman year had to pay to have my car lowered off a lift.) So I have sympathy for Joiner, but he did push open the gate and admitted it.