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Alligator Army Game Day Notebook: October 20th

  • Dan Mullen tells the Gainesville Sun that UF plans to open the offense. By doing what? Running the ball! Who knew? The Gators only gain about five yards a carry with a good offensive line. UF has 230 run plays to 152 passing plays, but many of those runs are Tebow jogging around instead of a throw. Mullen implies a more traditional run game, with Moore in a featured role.
  • Two of the biggest Heisman contenders are in today's game. It makes you proud to know that our sophomore QB is a contender. But I'm kind of hoping that Tebow pulls a George C. Scott and declines Heisman candidacy until next season.
  • Yay! It's week two of the Kentucky No Respect Bandwagon! If anyone is predicting a blowout in this game, they are insane. But the Wildcats are going after Vegas (because they are 6.5 point home dogs) and Craig James (because he put UK 24th in his AP poll). I don't see what the big deal is. James has Alligator Army 20th in his poll, and we're undefeated. The writer of this article also says the LSU-UK game, "had the intensity level of the `Thrilla in Manila.'" What? Shut the hell up. Ali thought he was dying after the 14th round, AND HE WON THE FIGHT! Frazier was nearly blind after wards! The writer also misspelled Manila, but let's not let facts get in the way of hyperbole.  
  • Oh, and College Gameday should never go back to Kentucky; their signs suck. At least they have cute cheerleaders.