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Florida Gators-Kentucky Wildcats Recap

  • For those in the national media who were not sure of Mr. Timothy Tebow, he would like to say hello. He was 18 of 26 with 254 yards and four TDs. Tebow added another 73 on the ground and another TD. The kid is a damn tank. But I think our tank needs an oil change and some new treads before invading the River City. (Meyer said in the post game presser that Tebow's right shoulder was hurt and he first heard about in during the third or fourth quarter. But Tebow insisted he was ok.)
  • Please, someone correct me if I'm off base here, but is something wrong with Tony Joiner? I haven't seen him make one play of consequence all season. I know all that senior leadership stuff, but is Joiner that much better than his backup? Who would be his back up, Munroe? Hornsby?  
  • UK's receivers were great, springing screens and sitting in the zone. That lead to Woodson having a fantastic game (35-50, 411, 5 TDs). Ten (TEN!) Kentucky players had catches. But guess what? UF had six sacks. Urban also just said in his presser that Major Wright may have broken his thumb. He doesn't need thumbs, he's a DB!
  • The Return of Bubba was definitely the highlight of the game. 11 touches for 94 yards and a touchdown. After he had that early drop on the first series, you had to worry about his overall health. But he got his head in the game and excelled. Urban says he wants Moore to get more touches, but including Moore, eight guys had touches for UF. That's not too bad.
  • On the last drive, UF twice tried for the Percy long bomb. The first time was Moore's catch in the left flat.
  • If I had told you that UK would be better than 50% on third down conversions, 4-5 on 4th downs, and UF was out gained by 89 yards, who would you think won? This was a strange game.
  • Sun Sports is now showing Bobby Bowden's presser. And it's hilarious. Miami won. Unfortunately, a meteor did not strike the stadium and eliminate both teams.
  • We'll have more tomorrow.